Say No To Idolatry

So one of the most memorable experiences of being a Chicago Blackhawks fan was the 2013 Grant Park Victory Parade to celebrate the fact that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Thousands of people were in Grant Park, and there was this one moment that I will never forget. In front of thousands, Jonathan Toews raises the Stanley Cup over his head, and everyone goes crazy. People start bowing. People start lying on the ground prostrate. People were worshiping the Stanley Cup.

That is what idolatry is. I remember my heart sinking and thinking, “Oh my gosh, this is idolatry.” The second reading for today, Saint Paul, shouts to the world. Boast only Jesus Christ. Your boast is your Lord and God who died for you, who lives and loves you with incredible love. What are the actual idols in my life that I may worship? Boast only in Jesus Christ.

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