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Spirit Juice presents The Poco a Poco Video Podcast featuring Fr. Innocent, Fr. Angelus and Fr. Mark-Mary, members of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

This weekly podcast offers “Practical Spirituality”. The friars break open the Gospel in light of their years of prayer, communal life, and work with the poor. It is a source of rest, encouragement, refreshment, and renewal for all pilgrims helping them to discern and make the next best step. Poco a Poco, little by little, step by step we’re making our pilgrimage to the Father’s house.

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Surrender the Stench

“Have I told Jesus all of my story?” That’s the question that we are going to unpack in this episode. Most of us have confessed and have sought healing in particular places of our lives, but there are still parts of who we are now that we keep in the dark—the stench. The reality of that stench is that it is discouraging and despairing, but Jesus comes, and He’s…

Surrender the Script

There’s this simplicity that when we encounter Jesus, our lives become different. We may not understand it, and it might not look the same for each of us, but our lives become different. Just like the story of the man born blind, before he met Jesus and hoped in Him, he was living in darkness, unable to see. After his encounter, there had been healing, and he…

At The Well

In one form or another, we can sometimes live in isolation and hiding. Because of shame and sin, we clothe ourselves with shadows and hide. These lies we hide behind keep us stuck and paralyzed—Jesus wants to call us out of that. The places of hiding don’t have to defeat us, but they can become these intimate places where the Lord desires to be…

Up The Mountain

Going up the mountain offers an opportunity to come face-to-face with God, providing a perspective where we can see what’s important. Up there, we are invited to embrace the experience and the beauty of childlike wonder and awe. It’s a place of intimacy with and revelation of God. But the challenge as we go up the mountain is to let go of things…

Into The Desert

There are several practices that we are preparing to do during this Lent. But this time of year shouldn’t only be a project we must fulfill but rather an opportunity. Lent is an opportunity to exercise a posture of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and surrender. We surrender to someone, to a relationship that matters, to God. In this episode, we will talk…

Blessed Are The Poor

Matthew’s first nine beatitudes said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” The world constantly tries to define us and tell us who we are. Our successes, belongings, talents, people in our lives, jobs, culture, and technology all make us who we are. We beclothed ourselves with these things and are tempted to find…

Hope For Everything

We cannot grow in freedom unless we grow in faith, Hope, and love — that’s the recipe for freedom. Faith, Hope, and love are the three theological virtues that connect us to God. As Christians, we believe in God, hope for everything from Him, and want to love Him with all our hearts and love our neighbors. This episode is the third part of…

Realities Not Fantasies

We think we’re most free when we can be in control. “I’m free when I get up every day and have control over my life and circumstances.” That’s not Catholic freedom, according to Jacque Philippe, but it is accepting reality as it is. We struggle with freedom because it’s hard to accept our weaknesses, and it’s pretty difficult to accept…

Freedom Greater Than Circumstances

What makes us most free is this submission to God and this dependence on Him. Yes, freedom is dependent on obedience rather than doing whatever I want. When we fall in love with God and experience that love, this profound interior freedom takes place, and it becomes the most important thing in our lives — even to the point that it…

Strong But Weak

How do we reconcile being strong and weak at the same time? There has to come a healthy recognition that we’re just unable to do things. And it’s in this weakness, in recognizing that we have a lack, that Christ is then able to come in and actually be the one who moves us through that weakness into a place of strength. In this episode…

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