Reel Homilies

Start Small

So at the foot of the mountain of Assisi. There is a beautiful church called Saint Mary of the

Soften The Hardened Heart

Let’s talk about Thanos. Thanos is not a good guy. He basically destroys half of the

Be Consistent With Jesus

Maybe or maybe not you have a friend like this, someone who is so good at giving grand gestures,

On Imaginative Prayer

Saint Ignatius of Loyola. He is a rockstar saint. He popularized something that is called

SpongeBob or Patrick?

SpongeBob versus Patrick. We all know SpongeBob. We all know he actually has a lot of drive.

The Lowest Seat

This Sunday’s gospel is all about partying. I think Pope Francis should write an encyclical

The Narrow Gate

I just got back from an incredible camping trip in Montana. One thing that was so amazing about

Set Them On Fire

This Sunday’s gospel is incredible. It is Jesus Christ who is absolutely getting after

Just like Mary, Always Be Vigilant

There is an amazing, awesome place called Castel Gandolfo. It has nothing to do with the Lord

Don’t Hoard Your Gifts

This Sunday’s Gospel is about the rich man who accumulates all of this wealth. But he

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