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Empty Pews

“The bottom line is that I deeply miss you. I know you so well, I even know your pew. I know where you sit, very clothes and expressions, hearts full of expectation to absorb the lessons.”

“Empty Pews”, a spoken word piece performed by Fr. Pontifex, inspired by and written for his congregation.

Bring Them Home

Lana Chalfoun’s father was a Christian Refugee who fled his war-torn country and found a safe home in the United States. She wrote “Bring them Home” to encourage us all to open our hearts and homes to those in need.

Love’s Not

Love is a hard thing to pin down. Mars Ill’s brilliant hip-hop song “Love’s Not” describes everything which is definitely not love. Do you want love? Avoid all the things love’s not.

The Dark is Not Your Home

Taylor Tripodi’s moving “The Dark is Not Your Home” speaks to anyone who feels trapped in darkness. God did not create you for darkness and, even in the midst of pain, he calls you. This song speaks to His love, tenderness, and gives us all courage to step out of the dark into our true home with the Lord.

About Spirit Juice

Spirit Juice Entertainment Group, NFP is an award-winning, Chicago-based creative production firm specializing in the transformative power of high quality visual media merged with the ever ancient, ever new beauty of Catholicism. Through the collaborative efforts of those involved with Spirit Juice Studios, the Gospel is delivered by means of a strong visual design aesthetic, coupled with the paramount components of modern technology. Both engage the eyes, ears and soul of an individual — both depend on parables and belief in the compassion of the human heart.

The team at Spirit Juice Studios are passionate not only about the standards in which they hold their work, but also in their Catholic faith, ultimately fusing together to form the best representation of Catholic values to advance the mission of the Church today. We welcome the impossible idea. To learn more about Spirit Juice Studios’ roots within the Catholic community, company objectives, and overall body of work, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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