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Realities Not Fantasies

We think we’re most free when we can be in control. “I’m free when I get

Say No To Idolatry

So one of the most memorable experiences of being a Chicago Blackhawks fan was the 2013 Grant

Love Believes All Things

Love believes in all things. Do we believe in love? Do we believe in God? The God who created

Freedom Greater Than Circumstances

What makes us most free is this submission to God and this dependence on Him. Yes, freedom is

God Keeps His Promises

So I’m sure many of you during school have had a teacher like Professor Trelawney. That’s

Love Bears All Things

“Love bears all things.” Love bears all things. Even when the person is making

Strong But Weak

How do we reconcile being strong and weak at the same time? There has to come a healthy recognition

Cure For Perfectionism

Let’s talk about Leslie Knope. If you’ve ever seen “Parks and Rec,”

Love Does Not Tell Lies

“Love rejoices in the truth. It rejoices in the right.” Truth gives us the reality

Getting Virtue Right

A habitual and firm disposition to do good, not just for ourselves but for everybody — this

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