Poco a Poco

Realities Not Fantasies

We think we’re most free when we can be in control. “I’m free when I get

Freedom Greater Than Circumstances

What makes us most free is this submission to God and this dependence on Him. Yes, freedom is

Strong But Weak

How do we reconcile being strong and weak at the same time? There has to come a healthy recognition

Getting Virtue Right

A habitual and firm disposition to do good, not just for ourselves but for everybody — this

Relationship, Identity, Mission

“Who Is God” and “Who am I?” This is what we’re attempting

Formation First

Why do we need to go deeper into our spiritual life? What does that actually mean? Going deeper

I Know Him

Mary wants the Holy Spirit to come to our life, as the Holy Spirit came for her. When we’re

Peace Not Panic

We have this tendency that we want to fix or clean-up certain things first before we let the

Don’t Fumble The Bag

The gift of Advent is God proposing himself to us. He comes not just to command us to do something

Gentle But Uncompromising

Sometimes we lose hope, wondering, does He really want to come and be with us in our sickness,

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