Poco a Poco

Stay Where the Grace Is

Life is difficult — our life is a valley of tears. And the ability to remain in faith, hope, and

The Me in “Our” Father

There is no denying that there can be many circumstances to dismiss fatherhood, both from

Define the Relationship

Being in relationship with God looks like we’re sitting down in front of a big table

Authentically Awesome

When we were kids, we were usually amazed and awed about something that was new, grand or magnificent,

Heaven Within

Life and circumstances are undeniably hard, but we are not alone in this. The beautiful reality

Dryness in Prayer

Probably the most important relationship in our life is our relationship with God, and we

Sons of the Church

Obedience is rooted in God, it is lived trust and lived surrender in His pastoring and fatherhood

Hot Takes 2

As we go through life we encounter our own and other people’s struggles, flaws, weaknesses

A Really Good Episode

Because of fear and insecurity that is ruling our life, we tend to control everything and self-protect.

No More Self-Protection

The brokenness that is present in our culture deforms us. We have been taught a certain way

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