Black Faith Matters

Our documentary sheds light on one story of the Black Catholic experience, unknown to many in our church. An undertaking that, although unique, is relatable to the Black Catholic (specifically African-American Catholic) throughout America. This film highlights the joy, pain, and struggles faced in the Black Catholic community, specifically in the Tremé portion of New Orleans, Louisiana. Through a series of interviews, the unique struggle found in youth and young adult ministry within the Black Catholic community is brought to the forefront. Whether through “America’s Original Sin”, classism, or various other social ills; we are witnessing this unique expression of our Catholic faith disappearing before our eyes.

As told through Dr. Ansel Augustine, the Psalm 119 Step Team (young adults that have performed with Dr. Augustine), Ms. Pearl Dupart, and Deacon Allen Stevens, we see how the experience of Black Catholicism is a “gift to the church”, as Sr. Thea Bowman said to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The goal of the documentary is to serve as a resource for our communities to address racism within our church, and to create bridges of hope and understanding so we may all be one Body of Christ.

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