Formation First

Why do we need to go deeper into our spiritual life? What does that actually mean? Going deeper into our spiritual life means recognizing that we are not the ones in control anymore. It is accepting this place of poverty that we cannot only rely on ourselves, to fabricate everything and make it work. It is having that absolute trust and confidence in the presence of God. Yes, life will be hard, there will be poverty, there is real suffering, there will be death and there will be sin. But what do we do with that? Do we get discouraged and face our weakness over and over again or do we allow God to make the foundation of our hearts, our faith, our relationship, unshakeable.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about the choices we make in our lives that is geared towards formation along with some practical examples on how the presence of Jesus – the peace he gives us becomes more real than the circumstances that we have. An invitation to be able to say that “Jesus I trust you, I know you’re here and I know you’re real.” even when it’s hard. To be in a place where we can be utterly poor and can utterly rely and trust in God as we face our limitations.

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