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I Can’t He Can

When we struggle it can be really difficult and sometimes we even face impossible situations that may feel like there’s no answer. In our poverty, there’s the need to admit were powerless—that life is not okay anymore and figure out what do we do…

12 Step Wisdom

At some point, our lives are unmanageable and we need help. When we want to turn away from sin and our struggles, we turn to God to save and heal us. We are given clarity to open our eyes and see our life in a new or different way. And while we’re…

Whenever I See a Statue of Mary, I Say, “Hail Mary”

Sharing the Faith while cutting the grass. Share the Faith – even in small ways! What does sharing the Faith actually look like in everyday life. Rob Kaczmark shares a great example from his days as a member of a landscaping crew! Check it out and tell us how you’ve shared the Faith in your everyday life – we are always in need of new ideas!

Hot Takes

There are multitudes of struggles that we are experiencing day to day. As we see our own and other people’s struggles, weakness and even sins, we have to understand that we are going through different journeys. God is doing something completely different in each of our lives. Relative to this truth, this episode talks about some of the most essential topics that most of us can relate to. Here are some of our hot takes.

Ordinary But Extraordinary

It is easy to fall into the temptation and believe that we can’t do it, that we can’t live a holy life. Although the ordinary life is simple, hidden, and seems kind of normal, there’s so much sanctity in our vocations that are being lived faithfully. It might not be flashy or spectacular but it’s one of the most real ways we can grow in holiness. We may not be in the chapel or church making a eucharistic holy hour, but no matter what our day-to-day experiences look like or what daily lives we are accustomed to, God is there.

Discernment Basics

We are made to live in relationship wherein two or more people speak to one another. As we have the desire to talk to God, He also has the desire to speak and to come close to His people. He is speaking to us. We have to grow in sensitivity to what God’s voice sounds like, what our voices sounds like, what the voice of the world sounds like, and what the voice of the enemy sounds like. There are times we already know the voice of who we’re talking to simply because we’ve been with them, we’ve spoken to them, we said things back and forth with them, same is true with God.

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