Everlasting Kindness of God

The kindness of our God is everlasting. A man was sick. And after giving him oxygen, when the bill came out, he saw the bill and started weeping. People thought that he was not able to pay the bill. But he said, “No, it’s not that I’m not able to pay this bill. But my mind when to all the years I have been breathing oxygen free of charge, not thanking God.” The kindness of the Lord is everlasting. The gift of life, the smile of a little child, your ability to go to work is all kindness of the Lord. You cannot do it with your power if the Lord is not there.

If you examine and reflect, you will see it all around you. Enjoy the kindness of God and touch your neighbor with the kindness of God that you have received. Don’t hold it. Distribute, share.

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