Love Hopes All Things

Love hopes all things. Hope is one of those virtues that is eroding from our society. Nothing to expect. Nothing to live for. And that’s why some go drinking and wilding about, and that’s why some commit suicide. Hope gives meaning to our life. Somebody was talking to me this afternoon; he was established in business and walking towards it with hope. We can get up in the morning and know where we are going, but we will be in trouble if we have no hope.

So if you are beginning to lose hope, pray to God, reach out to others, go to church, and involve yourself. There are many things to be done. The more you reach out to people, the more meaning you have in your life. Do everything out of love. And once you’re doing it out of love, you will be fulfilled. Those around you will be fulfilled. There will be joy, happiness, and love. And there’s nothing greater than happiness. Why did God create us? To be happy.

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