The Tears of God

You see a different side of someone when you see what makes him or her cry. Seeing a person weep, and knowing why — the thing he or she cares about so deeply as to be moved to tears — is a deep insight.

Lazarus. Jerusalem. Sin. Jesus weeps at these. That tells us something important, for a man who weeps in the face of suffering is a man who loves deeply, who is profoundly affected by what is happening. It’s deeply personal. He’s not far away or abstract. He wants to cry with us. He wants to mingle his tears with us.

Think of your suffering; the situations that bring tears to your eyes for yourself or your loved ones, or even for those you’ve never met. Now, if you need to, pray against any idea of a disinterested or stoic God. Accept permission to grieve. Let the Lord weep with you.

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