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New Light New Life

This whole Lenten journey has a been about identity. In this journey, we again receive the gift of who we are as sons and daughters of God and every other identity along the way. But this identity pilgrimage will not make sense without the resurrection. Life will be incomprehensible if it's just suffering and brokenness.

Made for Mysticism

Life of prayer is worth going "all-in" on. In this mystical identity, there's an invitation to let go of ourselves. Prayer is not authentic if we are stuck or focused on ourselves. Prayer changes as we let go of our own notion of what it should be. We are constantly invited for our hearts to be attentive and open to become mystics — to become men and women of prayer. It anchors us in the reality that we are made for relationship, we're made for prayer, and we are made to live in intimacy with God every single day of our lives.

A Father’s Heart

We come in as sons and daughters, then we graduate from sonship and daughtership. When we fall in love and receive the gift of the beloved, we have this deep desire to bear fruit and to let this love overflow. In this love, sons and daughters become spouses and from there we mature to become mothers and fathers. What we want is to live with the Father's heart — to give unselfish and sacrificial love. It is definitely not easy. But we are invited to become fathers and mothers after the heart of God.

Intimacy with the Bridegroom

The world is a crazy place. There's always the temptation to hide, run away or to fear Love. There are distractions and lies—the lie that we cannot do it, that we may lose ourselves, that our love won't be reciprocated. But we are made to be in love. First and foremost with the Lord, Jesus the bridegroom, who comes to save, to love, and to die for us, His bride. And from this love we are called to lay down our lives and give ourselves fully for a bride or bridegroom.

We Do Hard Things

Love demands everything. Not only carrying the cross — dying on it. We do hard things, but not for the sake of doing hard things. When modeled after the way that Jesus did hard things, it's a stepping stone that leads to the cross. This episode...

Get Over Yourself

The fraternal life is not accessory to life. We're coming to the desert together, which constantly challenges each of us to give ourselves to the Lord and to each other. We belong to one another. Then there are times where the hardest part isn't giving...

This Is My Beloved Son

Being a son means that you have a Father. The first and most important identity: son. This is the foundational identity that the Father gives us — everything else builds on this. We're not talking about the Father as an idea or a concept. Because you can't have...

Rending the Heavens | Lent 2022

Sometimes Lent is a missed opportunity. We focus too much on what we're going to give up, what we're going to do, etc. This year, focus on our desire to have a Lent that brings us into contact with Jesus. Where are we going, and why are we going there? Jesus...
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