Our Father is Faithful

Third Week of Advent

As a people and a Church, we have a common patrimony and inheritance of promises kept. Over time, salvation history involves real people and real stories—God breaks into history. Think Elizabeth and Zachariah. Simeon. Anna. We are part of this story, living in salvation history. We must remember that God has been faithful to us, and use that memory to stay. God can’t fulfill his promises to us if we leave.

The saints we look to had their own struggles and their own trials, and the Lord was faithful to them. It was a faithfulness that satisfied something in their own lives, but there’s also a way in which it bore fruit such that we’re recipients of the fruitfulness of these people. There might be something that the Lord’s doing in our lives that is also going to be fruitful for other people we meet. Other people will inherit this.

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