Poco a Poco

I Can’t He Can

Series on 12 Step Wisdom (Part 2 of 3)

When we struggle it can be really difficult and sometimes

12 Step Wisdom

Series on 12 Step Wisdom (Part 1 of 3)

At some point, our lives are unmanageable and we need help.

Hot Takes

There are multitudes of struggles that we are experiencing day to day. As we see our own and

Ordinary But Extraordinary

It is easy to fall into the temptation and believe that we can’t do it, that we can’t

Discernment Basics

We are made to live in relationship wherein two or more people speak to one another. As we have

New Light New Life

This whole Lenten journey has a been about identity. In this journey, we again receive the

Made for Mysticism

Life of prayer is worth going “all-in” on. In this mystical identity, there’s

A Father’s Heart

We come in as sons and daughters, then we graduate from sonship and daughtership. When we fall

Intimacy with the Bridegroom

The world is a crazy place. There’s always the temptation to hide, run away or to fear

We Do Hard Things

Love demands everything. Not only carrying the cross — dying on it. We do hard things, but not

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